"What Our Clients Are Saying"

I have worked together with ProtectionLogic for over 15 years in various situations. They currently provide a high level of network and automation expertise for Therafin Corporation. The creativity in problem solving, the willingness to do what it takes, and the ability to create solutions by integrating technologies has helped us tremendously.

ProtectionLogic has created many solutions for us including our highly automated document management,extensive time tracking and multiple platform data management/sharing. All of these have helped us to be more efficient and make better decisions.

Todd Fink
Therafin Corporation

We were a small business with an outdated computer system. It seemed that each time an IT problem would arise, it would snowball into a bigger more serious and expensive problem. ProtectionLogic took what was our unconventional system, and streamlined it into a well working network with very low maintenance. As the controller of the company, I now spend a lot less time on computer matters because any issues are taken care of quickly, efficiently and down time is at a minimum… leaving me more time to focus on our actual business instead of the technology that keeps it running. Thank you!!

Shannon Whalen
Ornelas Construction

Cummins Allison Corp. is a manufacturing company that produces currency handling equipment. We also provide maintenance and repair services for all of our products. To properly track and log these services, Cummins utilizes a system to store service order history in digital form. ProtectionLogic has played a critical role in the implementation of this system. They developed and provided the image processing services that allow us to fully integrate our scanning procedure with our data input methods. This allowed us to utilize our imaging software with minimal effort of the end users, which has saved us valuable time.Our administrative staff can now be more productive doing other things. As we continue to move forward and add new functionality to our imaging library, we will depend on ProtectionLogic to continue providing their excellent services as we complete these objectives.

Wes Smith
Sr. Programmer